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Maple Leaf


We’re proud of our local roots, and proud to bring you furniture that’s made right here in Canada. We partner with a variety of Canadian-based furniture manufacturers so that we can offer Canadian furniture for every room in your home. From solid wood dining and bedroom furniture to sofas, loveseats, and chairs with hundreds of custom fabrics to choose from, our Canadian furniture lines deliver the options and styles you want with unparalleled quality.

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Cassandra's Picks

After finishing school, and joining the sales team in my father's business, I had a lot of different products to learn about. Of them all, I found myself drawn to the Canadian made, solid wood furniture. The sheer beauty and quality of this furniture, made me wish all of our customers would buy it. Unfortunately, this great furniture was sometimes beyond my customer's budgets. But I believed in these products, and in the idea of supporting these great Canadian manufacturers, especially since there are so few left.

So, I asked my dad if we could do something to make these products more attainable for more of our customers. That's how "Cassandra's Picks" was born. It was decided that we would offer "Cassandra's Picks" at the lowest price possible, all year long, and that we would offer special financing on these great products as well!

So, I hope you will take advantage of my special picks and enjoy this special Canadian collection as much as I do.


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